Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl ®


Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl – 1600 Degree Temperature Threshold, Protects Base colors while adding incredible effect. Works in all clear coatings. 1 Bag Treats a gallon of ready to spray paint.


Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl Magic in a 25-gram Pouch!

Unleash your creativity with our dazzling Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl powder, perfect for elevating your paint or powder-coating creations. This 25-gram gem can work wonders on up to a gallon of clear base.

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Designed to blend seamlessly with clear or tinted kandy paints, this super-fine powder promises no clogging — whether you’re using an airbrush, powder gun, or an HVLP paint gun. Plus, its lightweight nature ensures it remains suspended in paint, eliminating any rapid settling. Depending on your desired effect, a single pouch can treat 2 to 4 quarts of clear coat.

Ever admired those mesmerizing pearlescent effects on custom paint jobs or even some factory finishes? That’s the magic of illusion pearls! Picture the captivating gold shimmer on Lamborghini’s vibrant orange or the subtle glow on Cadillacs’ pearlescent whites — all achievable with our ghost pearls. Elevate a simple two-stage paint job to a lustrous three-stage masterpiece with our Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl.

And it’s not just for cars! This magic pouch can jazz up various surfaces, be it white, orange, red, or green. Think furniture finishes, pottery glazes, leather polish, fiberglass gel coats, plastic manufacturing, and so much more. Want to dive deeper into its versatility? Check our FAQ or shoot us a query; we’re here to help!

Fun Fact: Our Illusion Pearls don’t just work wonders with vehicle dips; they pioneered it! We introduced the world to Plasti Dip Pearls. So, you’re in safe, innovative hands.

Usage Tip: Start with a level teaspoon of ghost pearl for a sprayable quart of clear paint/binder or per pound of clear powder coat. Remember, customization is the essence of creativity; feel free to tweak ratios to your liking!

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Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl ®


Our Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl come in 25 Gram quantities. They are Transparent Mica With Color Reflections, which give your project an iridescent glow.
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