Our kustomer Projects – DIY kustom Paint Jobs

This is no rust bucket mini cooper. It is an effects paint that is getting lots of notoriety for home made DIY kustom paint jobs.

Home Made DIY kustom Paint Jobs by our kustomers!

Over Time, we have collected kustomer projects and their DIY kustom paint jobs. Send us kustom paint pictures (with a good picture or more) and get a free $50 gift certificate (upon your request) and a page built for you with a link back to your site…no charge.  Some of the kustom paint jobs you will find on this page are of many objects other than cars. For instance, there are nail polish pictures, boat paint jobs, toys, and even some fine art.  The above Mini Cooper picture was one of the first automotive faux finish kustom paint jobs we have ever seen,  and it is obviously a new trend in the industry of kustom painting.

The trick is…it has to be good enough to put on the site. Nice pictures, and a little story about what you did with your home made kustom paint to make these DIY kustom paint jobs so special. We built this website on the beautiful projects of our kustomers. We believe in paying back. Thanks to our users for their home made kustom paint pictures. For verified buyers only. No Cheating!

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