kustom Paint Jobs with our products.

When kustom Paint jobs look their best, is when people understand more about what makes them professional, and what makes a kustom paint job look amateur. A good thing to remember is using warm tones with cool tones can often turn out bad. A few years ago, one of the car companies made a light blue car, and put an gold “ghost pearl”, on top of it. This made a difficult color to look at that no one wanted to buy. When you look at warm tones, it makes sense to use them over other warm tones. Take this 55 Chevy fender, for example. It was painted dark orange, and had a nice Gold Ghost Pearl over it. Illusion Pearls differ from kandy Pigments, as the actual particles of Illusion Pearls are transparent, and only reflect color in the sun.

Lime Green Kolor Pearls with a healthy topping of our Gold Illusion Pearls.

We also like all kinds of Reds and Purples shot in different combinations. One combination I saw and loved on a client’s car was a Fire Engine red Camaro that had been kustom painted with our violet ghost pearl over the top. Another combination that I have known people to use is the kustom painted Purple kandy as a base coat, with the Red Ghost pearl painted over it. Both combinaitons turn out great. With the amount of material that you will need to produce these effects, you can easily do an entire car with less than $100 dollars of our products, and a couple hundred dollars worth of chemical binders, topcoats, and reducers.

Red Illusion Pearls on Blue base.
kustom Paint Color Theory - kustom paint jobs - Pearl paint - kandy Paint 1
Gold Ghost Pearl over a kustom red Chevy

We have noticed one instance in which warm colors look good on top of cool colors. The use of green or turquiose always looks good in combination with each other. Yellows and greens look good together in almost every kustom paint combination you can think of. We even carry a chameleon that is a yellow to green flip effect, but here is another effect that we like. Using green as your base coat, use gold ghost pearl over the green for an effect like this.

Teal Aston martin With Gold Ghost Pearl

For some, the strange and obscure, or (what grabs the eye) is the way to go. Here you can see that we have people that we work with of all types. A color combination that we never would have thought could look good (but actually does). Violet Satin Ghost Pearl on top of a turquoise base coat? I never would have thought about that as cool kustom paint. You be the judge.

Violet Satin Ghost Pearl

Remember that our Illusion Pearls can be sprayed on any color to create a kustom paint effect. Even if you own a black car, and you want to give it an extra color where the sun hits it or under the street lights as you drive around at night, you can add a bit of ghost pearl to some clear and liven the whole thing up. Granted, you will still have a black car in the shade, but it really pops when ghost pearl gets under the lights.-Matt