Powder Coater’s Corner

You don’t have to be the world’s best powder coater to understand how to effectively use our products

You can effectively use our products best in powder coat clears, because they are effect pigment powders, and are best when used in a base coat-clear coat scenario. The mixture of our pearls in colored powders is not recommended, since pearls may be drowned by the colors, but HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY sprayed with favorable results.

Since pearls are so versatile, you can achieve rich to subtle accents by adjusting the amount in your mixture. We recommend using 1 bag of our pearl in 1 to 5 lbs. of clear powder. You will have a very strong effect when using in 1lb. of powder, but a very faint pearl effect in a 5 lb. mixture.


Give us a try and you won’t go back…

Metal Flake

Remember, all of our quality flakes can be baked at 400 degrees without breaking down, and are so small .004″, they will require very little sanding (if any at all). They can be cleared over to create incredible effects!

Gold Ghost Pearl on Lime Green base coat making this bicycle stand out above the rest.


If you are thinking about painting a Chopper or any kind of piant job that may require powder-coat to paint matching, the same effects can acheived when using the same products in your paint as in your powder coatings. That is why Paint With Pearl sells high quality, high temperature pigments and flakes that can perform in both paint and powder-coating applications.

The Need for Paint is Shrinking…
As powder coatings increase in quality and versatility, many good powder coatings actually rival the look of kustom paint!

Using our products, you can acheive this look in your powder coatings and bring your work to a new level!