Thermochromic paints are paints that change color at a given temperature. Although there are color change paints for a wide array of temperatures, we have decided to start our inventory off with those that change at 30 Degrees C, or at 86 Degrees F. They are very effective at changing to a clear as the temperature goes up to reveal the graphics or base color underneath.

Warning: Thermochromics are very sensitive to UV light, and will fade without proper protection.

We have excellent luck spraying our pearl paint, kandy paint, Kolorshift Pearls, metal flakes, and temperature change pigments in products such as PPG’s DBC-500 color blender, but we understand that many of our kustomers are using Dupont’s color blender or just any old clear binder. Using these Color Blenders, you can make over a mixed quart of temperature changing paint for less than 1/4 what you will pay anywhere else.

Thermochromic paints have been known to have issues with UV Tolerance if not top-coated with an appropriate UV inhibitor clear coat. Many of these clears are priced above $200 per gallon. If you are going to use the color change pigments for outdoor use, check out for their “Sunscreen Clear”, or look for a high-end Dupont clear. We now have a clear coat of our own to provide excellent UV tolerance as well. It is called All Kandy Wet Wet Plus with extra UV. protection. Using these high-UV tolerance clears has been shown to last over a year in full UV. Keeping your project garaged when not in use will increase the longevity of the paint as well. A few extra coats of quality UV clear never hurts either.


Paint at a temperature under 86 Degrees when using the 86 degree F paint. That way you can see what kind of coverage you are getting. Make sure the surface you are painting is also cool.

Remember, you can use color changing paints over any basecoats, including graphics. You can have a black car that changes to a yellow car with flames during the daylight. You can have graphics that dissapear when the car warms up, if you paint the graphics with the color changing paint.

You can add any pearls, kandy paint pigments, or metal flakes right into the mix of color-change pigments, or topcoated over the color-change paintpigments. The good thing about that is the extra protection you get for UV, as our pearls contain Titanium Oxide, a principle ingredient in sunscreen.

Do yourself a favor, don’t let your project sit around too long before you top-coat it with a high quality UV clear coat. Giving yourself a few extra coats of clear never hurts.

As far as quality goes, we are proud to offer you this product, as we have heard many people complain about the cost that other paint manufacurers are charging for this exact same product, pre-mixed into a binder. Smart painters know that all paints are basically binders + pigments. So why pay someone an extra 300 dollars out of your pocket for the same thing?