Iridescent Purple Blue Pearl – Illusion Pearls

Trunk lid with PWP224 Violet Blue Illusion Pearls ®

Iridescent Purple Blue Pearl (also Called Violet Blue Illusion Pearls, or Blurple)

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This 25 gram Iridescent Purple Blue Pearl powder is a great special effects pigment for adding to clear in kustom paint or powder-coating applications. It is guaranteed to mix well with any clear paints or tinted kandy paint, and has a temperature threshold of about 1600 degrees fahrenheit. It is a very fine powder and will spray well through airbrushes, powder guns, and HVLP paint guns. It is very light, so it stays well mixed in paint without settling too fast in your gun, and can make great tinted clears for light to heavy effects (it’s your choice). One 25 gram bag treats from 2 to 4 quarts of clear. HAS MORE OF A BLUE HUE THAN OUR NORMAL VIOLET. Try mixing with straight reducer and spraying! As long as you are applying a clear right afterwards, you can pearlize any car for a lot less!

With this thought in mind, anyone can make an ordinary paint job into a pearl paint job. Instead of doing a base-coat clear-coat paint job, we add the pearl paint into the middle of the mix. Base-coat, ghost pearl paint, clear-coat. We always recommend that people make their own mixes and spray a test panel before doing the entire project, and it is always wise to use a base clear, or a binder to mix the pearls with before adding the final clears. The final clear step is only recommended for kustom paint, and not for powder coating, gel coating, or faux finish. If you are looking to do a project using these beautiful Illusion Pearls, we have a few suggestions on which colors look good over which base coats…

White base coat: Use any of the Illusion Pearls, but keep in mind that the red ghost pearl will give you a iridescent pink look in the sun. Blue, violet, orange, gold and silver are the most popular colors for white base coats.

Black base coat: You also may use any of the Illusion Pearls, but keep in mind that using too much will make the project take on the color of the pearl and overwhelm the black. To get a cool midnight color change effect, keep the ratio of pearl down to about a teaspoon per quart in the clear base or binder. In powder coating, keep the ratio down to a tablespoon per pound and add onto that as needed.

Red, Burgundy, or Orange base coat: We highly recommend any of our Gold Illusion Pearls, including the shimmer gold or the satin gold. Also, Blue pearl, red pearl, and violet pearls can make for great effects over the darker shades of red.

Blue base coats: For very light blues (like cornflower blue), we have seen excellent results using gold ghost pearl, but for a cool Kolorshift on any shades of blue, a violet ghost pearl will give you a cool purple Kolorshift in the sun. Silver ghost pearl paint can also give a nice subtle effect to the darker blues. Green can give an awesome pearl effect over most blue bases as well.

Not only do all of our Kolor Pearls work great in vehicle dip, we were the first company to supply the dip community with its pigments.  If you have any reservations about whether our products work in vehicle dip, you should know that we were the pioneers who introduced Plasti Dip Pearls to the world.

We recommend 1 level teaspoon per sprayable quart of clear for our Illusion Pearls. 1 heaping tablespoon can be added into a pound of clear powder for powder coating. This is a starting ratio and can be changed for your specific job.

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Use Our Purple Blue Pearl over Thermochromic to protect it and make your own kustom change.

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